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Collating measuring spoons

We're thinking of getting another set of measuring spoons*, which is why I was looking at them online last night. There isn't that big a range of features they tend to come with. Melamine or metal. Flat- or round-bottomed. Round or oblong. Number of spoons and how small the set goes.

One feature they all advertise, however, is a way of keeping the set together. Handy loop or chain. Magnetism.

C. looked at the images I showed him with astonishment. We can't get those, he said. They're chained together. Use one, and they'll all get dirty!

We keep our spoons loose in a container in a drawer, unchained, although they arrived years ago with loop to secure them.

How do you keep your measuring spoons?

Looped, chained, or magnetized together.
Unlooped, unchained, and unmagnetized.
I don't have measuring spoons.
Other, to be explained in a comment.

* Spice-intensive meals involve going through a lot of them very quickly, and spices require re-used spoons to be both washed *and* dried, which is fiddly when measuring lots of things quickly.



Mar. 2nd, 2012 02:41 pm (UTC)
The only time I actually measure things precisely is when baking and then only for things that would mess up the recipe if they weren't exact. I wouldn't bother cleaning any of the measures during the process if only dry ingredients are involved. Trace amounts of one spice contaminating another don't really matter especially if they're ending up in the same baked object anyway.
I'm just as likely to use English teaspoons as the things on a ring but the ring never bothered me since I just hold all but one spoon out of the way with my hand.
I've never used kitchen scales for anything but rescue kittens ;)

As far as I know, J never uses measuring devices at all (but he doesn't bake either)