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Collating measuring spoons

We're thinking of getting another set of measuring spoons*, which is why I was looking at them online last night. There isn't that big a range of features they tend to come with. Melamine or metal. Flat- or round-bottomed. Round or oblong. Number of spoons and how small the set goes.

One feature they all advertise, however, is a way of keeping the set together. Handy loop or chain. Magnetism.

C. looked at the images I showed him with astonishment. We can't get those, he said. They're chained together. Use one, and they'll all get dirty!

We keep our spoons loose in a container in a drawer, unchained, although they arrived years ago with loop to secure them.

How do you keep your measuring spoons?

Looped, chained, or magnetized together.
Unlooped, unchained, and unmagnetized.
I don't have measuring spoons.
Other, to be explained in a comment.

* Spice-intensive meals involve going through a lot of them very quickly, and spices require re-used spoons to be both washed *and* dried, which is fiddly when measuring lots of things quickly.



Mar. 2nd, 2012 03:11 pm (UTC)
Yes, I need ticky boxen because I have both. I prefer the loose ones though.
Mar. 2nd, 2012 11:47 pm (UTC)
That's me, too! I ticked loose, but I have 4 sets and the loose one is the one I use. I only use the Canadian set when I'm cooking food from that part of the world, though, and ditto the French. In fact, I might have mislaid my French set, which is a shame, because it doubles up as my "I can't be bothered to convert" set, since it's the most pure metric of the lot.

And this is probably more than anyone needs to know.