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Inspired by saffronjan's recent posting on Beowulf and the Dinosaurs, I thought I would share with you that I recently killed Grendel. What, you say, didn't Grendel die back when Beowulf killed him? Well, yes, there is that. But I swear, he showed up in zangband, and I killed him, I did. He looked like this: O

For those of you desiring to know: he wasn't classed as a troll, but as an ogre. That should placate readers of B&the Dinos.


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Feb. 21st, 2003 09:03 pm (UTC)
Having been drawn into The Wulfen, I've been thinking recently about all those hours spent playing moria....I had the version that was ported to the Amiga, so there were slightly more graphics than the original...and now here is the URL for what, to me, is essentially a newer version (although I did wander onto one of the sites listed in the links section and looked at old moria screenshots - a wonderful sense of familitarity).

Unsurprisingly it got downloaded. Luckily I _don't_ have a disk with me to take it home and put it on my machine! Not allowed until thesis submission......*sigh*....
Feb. 21st, 2003 09:09 pm (UTC)
Re: Nooooo..!!
This is very funny.

I spent three months playing Moria, back when I was on vacation between my York degree and going to Toronto, living in greater Leatherhead with Colin, and generally being bored. I played it long enough that - with lots of helpful force-quits along the way, I admit - I killed the Balrog.

ZAngband is a much better game, qua game. There's much more variety to it. I like having a large world with lots of towns to wander around in. There are many unique characters in the game too - such as Grendel - characters you will only be able to kill once. There is also lots of unique armor. In this case, it's worth doing an ID even on things as unexiting as filthy rags - once in a blue moon, they'll be very powerful filthy rags.

Colin found Zangband, but I'm the one whose been playing it, off and on, over the past several months. We introduced Colin's middle brother to it to, a guy who previously had basically nothing to do with computers. He's now a regular zangband player too, and has made it quite far in his months of off-and-on again playing.

If you're worrying about vivas potentially interfering with conferences, I presume that means you're due to submit in the rather near future?
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