S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Eurovision Semi-finals #2 notes

Of course Sweden got through. (And a good thing too.) Very happy that FYR Macedonia did too. Malta's "This is the Night" feet dancing was so much fun!

The disappointments of those who won through to the finals: Ukraine's hotel advertisement song (although it did have some nifty virtual dancers) and Turkey's lackluster stage piece (even if it did effectively have a "hey nonny nonny" bit to it). Also Lithunia's number, which randomly had the silhouettes of lots of pole dancers posing behind the singer - if they'd dropped those and added in more of his dance moves, I'd feel a lot better about the song being through.

Half-time performance: LOVED seeing/hearing the last five years' winners singing along to each others' songs. Lena particularly made her song seem fresh and really go into "Waterloo".
Tags: eurovision

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