S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Word highlight

While working through otherwise tedious work hours this afternoon, I ran across a truly wonderful word: rocococity. Not only does it sound good, but the OED's two citations for it are in some ways even more delightful.

* 1844 E. FitzGerald Lett. (1889) I. 125 Think of the rocococity of a gentleman studying Seneca in the middle of February..in a remarkably damp cottage.
* 1916 A. Huxley Let. 29 Dec. (1969) 118 My monocle is very grandiose, but gives me rather a Greco-Roman air of rocococity.

Sadly, I did not run across rocococity in any useful context. I was merely looking up rococo to confirm whether or not it pertained to the right time period.

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