S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Old news

* C. found a milk chocolate with crispy rice Eowyn bar for me last week while I was away! Happily, it's only the packaging which has the nice Eowyn pictures on it.

* After hearing about it for the past year or so, we finally made it to the Serial Diners on Friday. Partially to my surprise, I knew the majority of people there. Last week's restaurant, the Florentine Court Dining Room was an old school Italian one, one which would have been good twenty years ago. It's not that it wasn't respectable now, it's that it felt like very dated furnishings in very good condition, and that the food, while decent, seemed less so in the face of the sheer variety of restaurant food which is available these days. The owners clearly had a strong sense of protocol and propriety and would not let the last few arrivals join the party since we had already taken up quite enough of the restaurant.

* Back in December, I bought a beautiful new vest from Anne Larochelle which promptly lost a button the first time I wore it. They sent me two replacement buttons which finally arrived last week. Hurray! My beautiful vest will be wearable again!

* theengineer came over for dinner on Sunday so I could see disk #6 of Princess Nine. What a good, if stress-inducing series it is. I really want to see the ending of the series now. I'm getting to the point where I have most of the characters in the series down and care about them. One five more episodes to go!

* Yesterday's squash puree turned out really well - a nice balance of sage, salt, and paprika.

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