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Hello, my name is...

What is your name?
How did you hear about the Middle Ages?

a. A friend
b. A newspaper
c. Historical fiction
d. Fantasy/Science Fiction
e. Other fictional book.
f. Non-fiction.
g. A search engine
h. Primary/Secondary School
i. University
j. Graduate School
k. Other (please explain)

Did I have an actual point to make? Yes, but I was sidetracked, thinking of marketing surveys and free registrations to online newspapers and self-introductions.

About a week ago, an LJer started a new community, middle_ages. They're only at the point of doing self-introductions, but given the intuitiveness of the name, it might prove to develop into a relevant discussion area.


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Feb. 27th, 2003 05:16 pm (UTC)
Are you sure . . . .
That it wasn't a typo, and that 'Middle Aged' wasn't supposed to be the title? ;)
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