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Fire in the morning/Spelling arrgh

Yesterday, walking down Euston Road, I was surprised to see a man juggling fire, even though it was morning. I'm not sure why fire-juggling does not strike me as a morning activity. It seems a thing of afternoons or evenings.


C. has a question for you: how does one differentiate between pirate and zombie "arr"s?

I postulate that zombie ones have more "gh"s in them.


Jan. 4th, 2013 12:32 am (UTC)
I remember fondly the one daytime fireworks display I ever attended, because the fireworks were entirely visible, disproving my assumption that it wouldn't work well. It was mid-winter, so the sun wasn't particularly high, but it was still very much daytime then.

So yes, it would stand out more at night - but I noticed the juggler from a good half-a-block away, so it was still distinctive enough to catch my eye during the daytime from a distance.