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Spider at the library

Overheard at the library today, mother to c. 3 year old daughter: "Go get some books. But not all pink ones!"

Which of these statements about "Itsy Bitsy Spider" is most true in your personal experience?

Itsy Bitsy Spider is a nursery rhyme.
Itsy Bitsy Spider is a song.
Other answer (please specify in comments)


Jan. 11th, 2013 09:15 pm (UTC)
I think of it as a song in the sense that I can't imagine it being delivered in spoken word form without sing-song intonation etc. (except perhaps by William Shatner...). So I indicated that above.

However I'm not sure I'd rebel at it being called a nursery rhyme also, but there are plenty of nursery rhymes that can be delivered without intonation and itsy bitsy spider is not one I've heard delivered that way. I would tend to agree they are not exclusive categories.

Note that this list of Nursery Rhymes http://www.rhymes.org.uk/ includes plenty of what I would call songs, but some of those songs I would clearly associate as nursery rhymes also. So if the Three Blind Mice show up in the land of Nursery Rhymes I'm not going to yell "WHAT?!?!".