S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Not that I needed more to do, but I've volunteered to coordinate packet stuffing for Vagantes, since it's coming up and various packet-related issues have been floating through my head regularly as of late. Having heard nothing about the conference in several weeks, I ran into two people at different points in my day who could, happily, tell me lots about what was happening. Last year, about 60 people came to the conference, so we were expecting about that many to prereg, with some more just showing up at the door. But no... instead, about 100 people have preregistered for the conference!! The space is still big enough to hold them all and still feel comfortable. The acoustics aren't great in the Chapel, but it's certainly a pretty space, with paintings and stained glass. Housing has been found for all speakers, just some minor housing details to be worked out. It sounds like things are going together nicely, and I finally have more news to send out for the Vagantes newsletter. Really, that's why I was asking all those questions. I write the newsletter for this year's conference and it seemed odd that I had nothing to send out when it was this close to the conference happening.

Speaking of conferences, has anyone received their Kalamazoo program book yet? I'm positive I had mine before this last year. It makes me paranoid. Maybe mine's lost in the mail somewhere?

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