S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


This week involves lots of paper grading, writing, and Boethius. Much as Boethius is a challenge, reading him is also a real relief after the papal letter (singular - we didn't even finish one) of the past few weeks. The next few weeks feel very short already since I'm busy making plans for the last three weekends of this month, all of which will involve being social and either travelling or someone else travelling.

Not that I needed more to do, but I finally found out who to contact to volunteer for the RSA meeting, so I should be on the list now. Hurray! I wanted to dabble in the conference, but it certainly wasn't worth the cost of attending. This way I can not only attend and dabble, but also be useful and constructive. (RSA = Renaissance Society of America)

Back to cocoa and a little pre-sleep dissertation work...
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