S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Today in Venice

It's Pancake Tuesday in England, the end of Carnevale in Italy, and Mardi Gras in all sorts of places. My mother went out to check out the costumes, crowds, and this year's Piazza San Marco decorations. Here's an excerpt from her email.

Then on to Piazza San Marco, my main destination, because I
wanted to see what a giant spider web might look like. Well, the Piazza
was really filled with people, from the stage all the way to the
Campanile. No band, but really loud recorded dance music. And the spider
web was amazing. I'll try to describe it - six vast skeins of spidery
filaments, hung from the 5th level of windows of the Campanile, and
spread out on the north side of the piazza, all the way from the clock
tower to halfway down the Quadri side. With the night lighting, it was
very effective. Each of the arches, all around the piazza, were lighted
with two lights, one red, one yellow, a kind of color wash. And hanging
in each bay of the colonnade were curtains of tiny white lights (like
the icicle lights at Christmas). There were many thousands of people,
all dancing. To see the whole crowd - spidermen, doges, bears,
cheerleaders, grim reapers, babies, and so on - dancing to YMCA and
Freak Out, and other such songs, was very amusing.

If you know the space, hopefully you can picture it. She didn't send photos this time - well, she did, but they were from earlier in the day.

In honor of such worldwide festivities, I'm making crepes tonight - what people in the UK would call pancakes.

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