S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

En route to the engineering library

I meant to spend my afternoon at the engineering library,truly I did. I have a whole long list of books to work through, all of which are there. The engineering library is often crowded with students, and the ceiling is covered in paper airplanes, stabbed into the soft ceilling surface. Unlike just about every other library on campus, they let many of their periodicals circulate. This inevitably means that the one volume of the one journal I actually wanted to consult is checked out just when I want it. It also ups the odds of one of their bound periodical volumes being lost and them then having incomplete journal series. And many of the journals they subscribe to aren't available at any other campus library.

Anyways, I never actually made it to the engineering library, since I was busy catching up on department news, helping a friend work out the details for a workshop on teaching her students some editing basics in some nicely ingenious ways, and generally socializing. It wasn't a complete waste - I now have photocopies of some very crucial articles I should have already known about but hadn't. I do now. Later, several of us went out for coffee/hot chocolate, and then C. and I were off to one of the most well-attended First Thursday pub nights I have ever been too. There had to have been the better part of 40 people there!

Tomorrow. I will make it to the engineering library tomorrow.

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