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Thanks to an inadvertant reminder by aliciam, I remembered I had an exciting, lovely-smelling brown paper bag in my backpack which I had been handed by a very thoughtful friend this afternoon in honor of Purim. Mmm. Tasty hamentaschen. Purim has shown up few times in my life - my sister dressed up when she was in preschool for it, and last year in Latin we read the Book of Esther. A festival involving dressing up and eating tasty cookies is a festival worth having.

The house is smelling nicely of baking banana bread, and saffranjan is pondering bringing up brownie-baking things to play with this weekend. The rest of the week should feature many good meals with visitors coming for Vagantes - both those staying with me and those who aren't. Pub food tomorrow, Greek food for lunch on Friday, a Chinese meal on Saturday - and I don't even have to pay for most of it!

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    5 Mar 2020, 04:18
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    4 Jan 2020, 20:38

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    13 Dec 2019, 08:55
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