S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Goodbye, Citron

Last week, from the streetcar, we noticed that our favorite Toronto restaurant, Citron, had changed its name. It's been a busy week, but finally, today, C. went and had brunch there to see what had happened. Apparent, the owners of Citron have sold out their concern, and the space has been taken over by owners of a small local chain. the Butler's Pantry. Based on a meal I had at another branch of their three-store chain, the food's respecatably, but nothing to rave about about.

Citron was convenient, inexpensive for the quality of food it served, and truly delicious. The service was pleasant, and sometimes delightful, and the desserts were superb. I had my birthday party last year there, so at least I know many of my friends in Toronto had a chance to eat there at least once. The cake was incredible - I still think about it now and again. The restaurant specialized in nouveau Mediterranean food. I always found it hard to resist their salad with grilled pears and toasted walnuts, and for a while, they served a delectable white chocolate bread pudding. C. almost always had their dark chocolate dessert with melted, dripping chocolate inside spilling out of the cake. They had tasty ginger lemonade and, according to C., carried some particularly nice beers.

It's going to be hard to find something to replace it in my life - although the search could certainly be worth the work!

Goodbye Citron. You've been a very good restaurant, and I'll miss you.

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