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A Dismal Day

Ice Pellets. Freezing Rain. Sars sensationalism. War and things.

The BBC currently has a map which makes the SARS spread in Canada look much, much worse than it is, thanks to both the map projection, and the sheer size of the country. Australia (among other countries) is encouraging its citizens not to visit Toronto, and a few US companies have put strict rules on any of their employees who do. As someone in the city in question, I'm not feeling worried as long as I can stay out of hospitals!


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Apr. 4th, 2003 11:36 am (UTC)
Ouch, people are panicking somewhat over SARS, but I think it's mainly because they're still not sure how to stop it etc. UBC have set up an action group to co-ordinate anything that needs doing on campus (info, directives, etc.) and we've only had 2 'possibles' in Vancouver I think.

I must admit, I had second thoughts about visiting Toronto until this blows over, not because I thought I'd catch it, but more from the reactions of people at Vancouver airport when they found out where I'd just come from. Apparently when a couple of friends were touring Europe whilst foot'n'mouth was on, they spent one day in London, and when they got back here and immigration saw the GB stamps in their passports, they made them walk over this carpet that was swamped with disinfecting fluid - even though it had only been a day trip and they'd gone back onto the continent afterwards. Unfortunately one of them was wearing sandals (yeuch!)
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