S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Ice pellets, revisited

About 4 inches of ice pellets fell. The world looks like it is covered in snow, but it has neither the dense, fluffy beauty of snow, nor the glitter of a good ice storm. Instead, it's oddly entertaining, while extremely difficult to shovel. When it falls, the little ice pellets all bounce off of each other. They're little things, maybe 2 mm in diameter at most. And because the fallen pellets are so dense, walking on them is almost like being Legolas on a snow drift, as C. commented this afternoon.

Although you probably couldn't tell from my morning post, I was feeling fairly optimistic this morning, but the day lived up to the post, not my hopes. The professor I TA for can't teach the final class, since he has a funeral to go to. Latin tutorial was particularly frustrating, especially for grammar. I don't mind not knowing vocabulary as much as I do the grammar. I ought to know all the grammar already, whereas with the words, I have the fun of finding entirely new ones. I went to a very good talk this afternoon, but afterwards everyone asked intelligent and insightful questions which left me feeling as if I should have been able to ask some too, or at least think some original thoughts, but my mind simply wasn't up to it. Lastly, I came home and was frustrated by the difficulties in shoveling ice pellets welded together by a modicum of freezing rain. Happily, the evening was been much better.

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