S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The Biryani House

Location: Toronto. Wellesley & Yonge.
(I realized that providing you with restaurant reviews and not, say, giving you city and location meant that the restaurant reviews would benefit nothing except my memory of the meal.)

At least 3 or 4 months ago, I read that Roy Porter Square was going through a transitional period, prior to a planned redevelopment of the site into a high rise building. Erring on the safe side, the owner of The Biryani House moved his well-reputed restaurant down to Wellesday. There's still a restaurant at Roy Porter Square with a sign over the door saying Biryani House, but the staff and ownership is entirely different. haggisthesecond suggested we have lunch at The (original) Biryani House so we went on an adventure in search of my memory, based on reading Now months ago, of where this restaurant I had never eated at was. Happily, we did indeed find it.

Lunch was a buffet, but it was a newly cooked buffet, nicely presented, with garnished, and loads of condiment options. There were plenty of vegetarian options (as is normally the case in Indian restaurants), and they were good ones. One spinach dish was particularly good. In generaly, the food was tasty, restrained on the spices for general consumption, and fresh. It wasn't particularly innovative, but it was good in a confident, high-quality, and reliable kind of way. We ordered drinks - I had a mango lassi, tasty, and sprinkled over top with crushed pistachio - and naan, hot from the oven. The environment was very pleasant, with plenty of sunshine, tablecloths, and chandeliers in a tidy room, with attentive service - especially given that we were eating from the buffet. All in all, a very pleasant meal.

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