S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Computer arrives!

Hurray! I gave up waiting on the store I ordered it from (it had been a full two weeks) and went to a store which had the thing in stock and just went ahead and did it. What a pretty computer it is, although I know it will take at least several days to acclimatize to the new layout and OS. But it should be worth it for the stability the new machine will provide. Hopefully my new toy justifies my only partially productive day. It certainly has filled up several hours of it so far, what with getting it, starting to find all the relevant software, learning how to configure it.

So what DID I get done today, among those things I indended to do? About an hour of German and maybe an hour and a half of finding conference listings. I sent off 2 emails to get info on professional organizations. And was generally very distractable.

The day is sunny and lovely and warm, so of course i was distractable. And I wasn't particularly focused or motivated today. The two-inch-long German sentence I ran into after an hour intimidated me. And I had evening plans to work out.... (housewarming party! Looks like I won't be attending the Institute's event at this rate since it starts in 15 minutes. Can't do everything.)

I discovered I know - sort of know - a LJ user who happened to be only the second LJ user whose entries i was browsing through. The commonality was from interests, not geography at all. I don't even know if we've ever talked, but she's someone I wave at regularly around campus. It's a small, small world sometimes.

Dilemma: Anime convention is this weekend. And Eurovision is tomorrow. Conflict!

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