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To categorize or not to categorize...

I'm interested in getting opinions on another feature I'm thinking of adding to the list of Medievalists with Weblogs. I know of a few blogging communities (such as middle_ages, or Blogalization), but I don't currently have them listed, since every other site I have listed is a personal one.

Should I...

  1. create a separate list for community weblogs?
  2. include them without differentiation in the main list?
  3. or include them, but tagged as a community, in the main list?

Possible complications: If I include communities, this project could snowball. I don't mind that, but I know there are lots of just LJ communities (without even getting into communities hosted elsewhere) which at least tangentially have something to do with the Middle Ages. Alternately, I could just put less work into the communities material and only include the material which is directly sent to me, for example. If I do the latter, it would be easier to integrate and only have one list.