S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Good newslets

The WHO is lifting the travel advisory on Toronto. Hurray! The city has been doing a very effective job of containing SARS, effective enough that it seemed over the top to issue the advisory in the first place.

My sister is at a Dar Williams concert tonight!

I'm spending half of tomorrow paper-writing. In the morning, however, Jennie and I will be expeditioning up to Excalibur, a pseudo-medieval clothing store. I can't remember why I didn't think highly of their line of clothing when I saw it a few years ago in Montreal. Hopefully it was for work-aroundable reasons. It was either because their range only fits a limited range of figure-shapes, or because nothing they did was machine-washable, or maybe it was because I didn't think the clothing was well-made. I'll find out which one it is, or at least if they've overcome the problem, tomorrow.
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