S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

K'zoo - the short version

(You'll get an exhaustively long version soon. I'm tired, so it won't be now.)

We had an accident en route there, and an epic journey to make it to the Zoo, but we made it and were all safe and alive.

The conference was good, my paper went well, I had lots of questions.

I got to see/meet/talk to/spend time with lots of people, especially Smith Katie, hilly02, her roommate, her advisor and his friendly horde of young faculty graduated from Loyola, Steve Walton, the Toronto Horde, Craig Davis, lots of Vagantes folks, particularly from Cornell and Harvard, AVISTA people, the woman who gave her paper before mine, and heard curtana give a good paper.

We made it back today in fairly good time. Now I'm tired. You can have more details in the next day or two.
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