S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


My eyes are still acclimating to being back inside. I've been working on Latin outside this afternoon and, while the brightness made it occassionally difficult to concentrate, it was a very pleasant shade of scenery, and worked largely because we have the umbrella to shade the table. So far today: 8 pages of editing and 20 lines of Latin done, plus another 30 just starting to be sketched out. To my embarassment, I forget if I'm meant to be aiming for 50 or 100 lines. Definitely not more than that. But all in all, not too shabby a day academically, even if I haven't quite met my goals.

But I keep thinking of more errands to run, which is a problem: practice skating/falling down; go to grocery store; go over to Lindsay's to help her with computer mouse woes; do some mush write-up things.

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