S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Friends, all in piles

Instead, I have rediscovered a great many of my good undergraduate friends. (alysonwonderlan, brennabe, darktouch, f_butterfly, innostrantsa, jennybeast, kuomori,la_monday, ladyarren, littleowl, tisiphone, nepenthe03, rhiannon76, sioneva)

I have been able to stay in closer contact with friends from England. (evieb, kashmera, lazyknight)

I've been able to stay in better touch with friends who are, were recently based in the place I'm currently living, or at very least visited here, where I first met them. (aliciam, cwjat, epecho,pittenweem, siusaidh, snowdrifted, theengineer, ultrascichick)

I've been able to see new and intriguing sides to existing online friends. (cliosfolly, crustycurmudgeo, ivpiter, onlyocelot, rippah, skeller, spunbutterfly)

And I've made new friends and acquaintances through LiveJournal (or similar services), some of whom I've had the pleasure of meeeting when our geography overlapped. (aliciam, curtana, forthright, haggisthesecond, hilly02, makyo, medievalist, phonephobic, saffronjan, tammabanana)

It was also my introduction to the world of weblogs generally, through which I have encountered fellow medievalists... (summarized by the list of medievalists with weblogs)

...and pundits, commentators, and writers on all sorts of things. (A list so long and unorganized I shall not compile it at this point.)

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