S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

A day which turned out to be not so bad after all

My day began as a residue of the previous two: still no misplaced library book, and therefore still no Real Work being accomplished. The misplaced book impeded my work for several reasons: firstly, I can't check more library books with over $25 in fines. It's not that I had that much for this one book. That's most of this past year's worth of fines, but it approached critical at just the wrong moment. Secondly, I was busy fretting over the book, which made it hard to concentrate. I just wanted to have it dealt with. I did send out emails 'round the department in case anyone else had seen the book though. No positive answers.

I spent the morning postponing my expected misery of not finding the book in any of my last attempts to locate it. On the bright side, my postponement consisted of finally getting to transfer the Vagantes website over to vagantes.org, which was quite satisfying. It also allowed me to clean up the html, genericizing links, and making the graphics (finally) work with Mozilla. My work there isn't done, but I'm pleased with the impovements.

En route out the door, I found my summer fellowship check waiting for me in a newly arrived envelope! The weather was lovely, sunny and a pleasant balance between warm and cool. I stopped by the bank en route to the photocopy shop to deposit the check.

When I walked in the door to the photocopy shop, there were a few people in line in front of me. I wasn't really in a hurry to be disappointed again over this book, so I waited. But the guy working there was the same one who had spent an hour and a half helping me make color overheads two weeks earlier, and as soon as he was done helping his current customer, he went into the back of the shop - and came back with the book! He had it! It was there and then I had it! He even remembered me! So I photocopied the chapter I'd been using so much (and had a nice chat with departmental staff about Italy and India and Japan and living a long time and such), then went to the library, returned the book, and paid off the fine (which doesn't actually clear until tomorrow, apparently). Hurray!

The rest of the afternoon was used up with Iter hours. (hilly02: the reason I couldn't find the other Envoi issues is because those are the only two the entire library system has. That was unexpected.) Then, because the weather was nice and I had my fellowship check, I went grocery shopping at a nicer grocery store than the local one and brought back lots of happy ingredients. Dinner was delicious: honey mustard sausages, and a spinach salad with fried spring onions and mushrooms, plus lemon juice, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. And we have sugar-marinated strawberries with mascarpone for dessert!

All in all, not bad at all!

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