S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

SARS and the City

1) I heard on the radio yesterday that not all teenagers appear to understand the meaning of "quarantine." One of the high schools is closed and everyone under quarantine at the moment since someone went to school last week who later that day came down with SARS-like symptions. However, some of the students who attend that school were later seen at the mall, making good use of their free time.

2) The Lion King has been playing in Toronto for several years, and doing quite well at it. The heavy drop in tourism however, occasioned by WHO SARS warnings, has had serious affects on ticket sales for the musical, and it might close later this year.

3) I was at a hospital earlier this week. It wasn't a SARS-infected hospital or they wouldn't have been letting even out-patients in. Physically getting into the building was quite an experience, although it didn't take more than five minutes. Firstly, the main entrance to the building was closed off. Patients had to go in via a small backdoor, so that they could control comings and goings. Two masked hygeinists waited in the small ante-chamber to squirt goo on my hands. 70 percent alcoholic goo with lots of disinfectant, which was dry in another two minutes. Then there was a questionaire to fill out: had I been to Asia lately? did I have flu-like symptoms? what was my name, address, phone number, purpose of visit, and temperature? Helpfully, they had someone going around with a digital thermometer to help me fill in the last portion.

It's all important, I don't dispute that. Better to go through five minutes of prevention than risk spreading the disease. But I don't think they did a good job of taking my temperature. Upon being told it was 35.5, my first thought was, "Am I even alive?" I don't think of my temperature in terms of Celcius. It's always entertaining when I have a fever, since my thermometer is in celcius, but the numbers don't mean much to me. I always have to convert before it has much significance. Still, I knew that "normal" was in the mid-96 range. For those wondering what 35.5 equates to (including me): 95.9 degrees.

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