S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


I've been having a decent day. I'm most of the way through reading The Chicago Guide to Your Academic Career, which is engrossing, although not nearly as much as Ms. Mentor's Impeccable Guide for Young Women in Academia. I even read outside on the deck for a while, since the sunshine and birdsong was so beguiling. I've done lots of laundry and grocery shopping. I've written several pages on windmills. I had mozarella bocconcini with lunch.

Now, however, I'm particularly happy since I discovered that my friend Diane now has a LJ (darkling_dreams)! It's a good day.

(Note to those using other services: I'm equally delighted to follow my friends and acquaintances on other weblog services as well. It's extra-convenient for me when people use LJ, but I also use a very nice aggregator.)

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