S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The Neighborhood

The neighbors were watering the sidwalk again yestserday. They do this at least once a week when it's warm out. The water's source, presumably a hose, is stuck out of the second-story window and projected with reasonable force upward at a 45 degree angle, over their wild-growing grass and onto the sidewalk in front of it. Sometimes they'll do this in the middle of the night. It's as if they have the theory of watering the lawn down, but not the practice.

The local supermarket has been remodeled, and much to its advantage. The selection, quality, and sense of arrangement of food by category are all much improved. The canned vegetables are now by the fresh vegetables. The exotic canned vegetables and sauces have been integrated with the more usual ones, so I don't need to look in three or four places for some of the products. They (at least for now) are stocking more products I'm interested in buying - such as my favorite tea, Twinings Lemon-Ginger. Strikingly, the main centerpiece aisle is now devoted almost entirely to junk food.

Meanwhile, the weather has been lovely. We passed two households painting fences yesterday. The flowering trees are all in bloom, and all kinds of colors and stripes of tulips are just finishing the end of their prime. It's lovely out.

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