S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Less than an hour until Eurovision begins. Just as well that, the way the timezones work, we had plenty of time to run out for brunch (mmm, milkshakes). This is the third year running I won't make it to the anime convention. It's a pity, since I would like to go, especially for the masquerade and the video competition, but it's a bit of a trek crosstown to get there, Eurovision''s on, and at this rate, it's not worth the fee and transport just to attend the evening. It's a pity.

At this rate I'll be missing scads of things tomorrow as well. Several of the many conferences around campus start this weekend - so tomorrow I'll be missing at least 2 very relevant conferences, in addition to Anime, and that's not even counting the weekend-long Marco Polo event. Ever since moving to such a big city, it's frequently struck me that the things I DON'T attend are often more exciting, interesting, and important than the many things I do make it to.

Monday and Tuesday I'll spend at some of the conferences. Today's Saturday so no compulsion to do work. Hurray! Lucky me!

Had a nice chat last night at the housewarming/birthday party with some people who are also in various stages of dissertation work. I need to talk more about my work since it makes me think. I find it hard to really think sometimes when I'm not being challenged to do so in dialog.

The new computer is still a happy thing. I'll download more useful software today - there must be a mush client out there for this operating system and I could rather use one.

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