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Tristan and Isolde

There's going to be a Tristan and Isolde movie. It starts filming in August.

My main association with this story is from the year I spent in secondary school in London. We read the Rosemary Sutcliff version towards the end of the year, and my classmates made me a tape of a play-version of it before I left.


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Jun. 14th, 2003 03:45 am (UTC)
Tristan et Iseut
I had to read it in Old French, during my third year of university french. I had the hardest time with it. Not so much the sentence structure, but the vocabulary.

“Ainsi, pour l’amour du roi Marc, par la ruse et par la force, Tristan accomplit la quete de la Reine aux cheveux d’or” (p 48).

“Enfin, le vent fraichit et la voile blanche apparut. Alors, Iseut aux Blanches Mains se vengea” (p 181).

actually, those examples sort of suck, because I can still read them. Anyway... random.
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