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'Tis pity such a Volume should lie by, imprison'd in a Library, lock'd up in Latin, as fast as in chains; for this is a Loss far greater than any it makes mention of. A Work so big with Diversion, and so exceeding Useful, is too good a Morsel for Moths and Worms; and (if it can perish) deserves a better Grave than Dust and Rubbish. This is one Reason why I taught it in English, being not a little desirous to blazon its Worth, and to rescue it from the Ignominy of so ignoble a Fate.

(This is from the translator's introduction to a book. The title of the book is exceedingly long, so it should suffice to say it's Panciroli's History with Salmuth's commentary. I don't know who the translator was.)