S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The Italian Whale

I've gone to two movies in as many days: The Italian Job and Whalerider.

I haven't seen the original Italian Job movie, so I didn't have any comparisons running through my head. It was a fun movie, entertaining, and reasonably clever. The big showdown sequence with minis was ingenious.

The opening scenes take place in Venice. If they hadn't been moving around so quickly in the opening credits sequence, I could even have found out jus which palazzo was playing the part of the heist setting from the map. I don' t know the city well enough to recognize to water gate! I was pleased that the slow sequences mostly made sense in terms of geography - much of it took place in Dorsoduro. The chase sequence in boats however? It made no geographical sense whatsoever. Apparently every English-language movie with scenes in Venice is obliged to use that shot down the canal in Campo San Barnaba. As two of the characters were standing there talking, I thought how if they just went into that church behind them and down the stairs, they'd find a really good library, right out of James Bond.

Whalerider was a very good movie. The preview gave away the best cinematography, but did not begin to do justice to the actual plot, which is very much driven by human interactions and family and community structures. The movie had a delightfully light hand with resolving the plot elements especially for the minor characters.

I'm suprised the movie hasn't opened in more US cinemas yet, especially given it's so good, and did extremely well in New Zealand and Australia. Ah well. Different markets.

The main character's father reminded me of my sister's boyfriend - just in his looks, not in accent or mannerisms.
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