S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

So far so good

Technically, I'm done with the core parts of editing the text on last year's thesis. But... I haven't done the bibliography, I need a stronger concluding paragraph, and I left at least 8 scraplets in my wake which still require attention. And I'm going through a distractable moment currently. (Thoughts of Kiki but not enough bright shiny colors to keep me busy.) Maybe what I need is a break for lunch.

I also keep thinking about just how interesting Robert Kilwardby is, and how I don't know nearly enough about him. De Ortu Scientiarum has been such a good text to work with for my current projects, but I've only been needing to use something like 4 chapters of it. Unlike so many medieval authors, he provides chapter references for some of his materials... he cites all the chapters in Isidore which deal with the mechanical arts!

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