S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Sidebar details

I've reorganized the "weblogs read" portion of the sidebar on the main view of this weblog. Each link how has a title as well, so there is more information than just the name.

I thought the sidebar of links to other weblogs would be more useful if the list were organized by category and labeled with useful clues as to what the weblog was about. The process of doing so, however, proved more challenging than I thought it would. (See here if you're not looking at the main view of this weblog)

Most of the labels I am using are currently rather generic ones, and are done according to keywords. Seeing this, C. commented that at heart, I want to be a librarian. While that's not my particular aspiration, I will admit that it seemed like a very fair way of giving a few hints as to what each weblog in the list deals with. The process revealed the odd interesting tidbits: I'd never thought about the fact I follow two weblogs which regularly post about bicycling.

Categories were in some ways more challenging than labels. So many weblogs belong under multiple categories. At first I tried being too clever for my own good, and grouping the weblogs by themed topics, such as according to the seven liberal arts, or the nine muses. Eventually, I gave in and just clustered them according to dominant themes.

So... what do you think? Should I be more personal with the titles? Have I obviously miscategorized anyone? Your proofreading and opinions are appreciated.

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