S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The Cheshire Computer

My poor laptop is having problems. The backlight on the screen is basically not working. If I shine a bright light at the screen, I can pretty much read the screen. I can still use an external monitor, but we only have on between us, so I can hardly monopolize it. Today's Canada Day (Happy Canada Day!) so all the shops are closed.

We've run diagnostics and tried resetting the PRam a few times, so odds are either Power Management's screwed up, or there's a backup battery out. It can't see its battery either, which is consistant with these potential reasons for its problems. Either way, I can't take it in for repairs until tomorrow - and of course, it's a month beyond the warranty period. Ah well. At least it seems otherwise in good shape.

In any event, this likely means I shall be slow to respond to mail and anything else online for at least the next few days. We'll see...
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