S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Pirates of the Caribbean

I really loved seeing this movie. It make me happy. It had pretty costumes, and lovely ships, and adventure on the high seas, crossings and double-crossings and betrayals and loyalties and romance (but not TOO much romance) and many, many funny bits. And the credits were even better than most, since it included all sorts of nifty water-related jobs and the names of all the ships which were used in the movie.

Note: Stay until after the credits! It's one of those very rare movies which not only has something after the credits, but it adds ever so very slightly to the plot.

Much as snowdrifted assigned me to go appreciate Orlando Bloom in this movie... Johnny Depp completely stole the show.

I walked out of the theater completely satisfied with this movie. But 10 min. later, I realized that there were a few things I didn't quite understand about plot details - not that that I'm TOO bothered by them: How did the pirates know that they needed Turner blood, as opposed to anyone else's? And how on earth did they know how to break the curse? Does it say on the case and they can read Aztec?

Not understanding these things doesn't change my enjoyment of the movie - it just means that the plot could have been slightly tidier than it was, at least as far as my understanding of it was.

Also - I could understand nearly all of the dialog in this movie (which I most certainly cannot say about the most recent Charlie's Angels movie) - but what did Capt. Sparrow say right at the very, very end?

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