S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Once upon a Wednesday

* I'm finally doing dissertation writing again today. Not having my computer has put a damper on my ability to work. It's not that I'm lacking computers, or backups of the data. It's just my setup is just how I want it on the machine that's still in for repairs. They're going to try replacing the screen again. At least it's under warranty now, since the repair job came with 90 days warranty on it.

* Several medievalists have been wandering my way lately. juniperus and minira are two, plus Andrea Lankin who co-writes a weblog, and who quite rightly asked to be included on the medievalist list. I could do it manually - but it's just so much easier to use the lovely update scripts which C. wrote, and which are designed to work on - guess what! - my computer.

* I'm back in class again. Latin started up again this week, and meets every morning. This week, we're reading something obscure from Bede's juvenalia.

* I finally got around to organizing my birthday party for this Friday. Indecision over where to go was the primary delaying factor.

* The rose bush is large and lovely and healthy. The clematis has grown about 8 inches. The mystery plant which came with one of the creeping thyme pots is now higher than the fencing around the deck. I hope it blooms soon so I can use the flowers to help figure out what it is. Only the alpine poppy is looking particularly pathetic at the moment, although the racoon traffic has been trampling some of the scotch moss.

* The carpet is going to be replaced next week, reports the landlady. I hope the weather is good so we don't have to cart the furniture downstairs, but can leave it on the deck instead.

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