S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Kelley (aka 'the cute puppy')

My parents had houseguests passing through while I was home. This frequently happens. The second of the two I overlapped with while there was named Claudio. He's my sister's boyfriend's former boss, at the amazing flower store he owns in Florence. But it was his other love in life which led him to fly all the way to Iowa for just two days again and then back home. He breeds Pomeranians, and he came to buy a black one from what is evidently the world's foremost breeder of them, right in the middle of Iowa.

I left the day before he went to pick up Kelley, otherwise known as Finch's First Italian Black Lady, so never had a chance to see her, but my mother sent photos. She's only three months old, so still a tiny little thing, all fur and fluff and cuteness. The whole event had enough human-interest aspects that a Des Moines Register columnist, Rob Borsellino, wrote up a column on Kelley, Claudio, and Finch's Pomeranians.
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