S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Small World Phenomena

My friend jennybeast lives in Washington state and is moving to the east coast at the end of this month on a cross-country trip. She's a fencer.

kashmera lives just north Washington state, up in Canada, and is a sabreuse. She's thinking of coming to visit in a week or two. She was going to be here when jennybeast was, but now jennybeast is now going straight to PA, so they won't overlap after all.

Another one of the few fencers I know, Christopher, lives in NJ, quite close to PA. He reminds me alot of jennybeast. They have similar hair styles and both have worked quite a bit in puppetry. I thought perhaps I could introduce them to each other, as long as they were going to be living nearby. Instead, around the time jennybeast arrives in PA, he leaves on a cross-country drive, going all the way to... Washington state.

Meanwhile, I know several medievalists who might be coming to Toronto around the time I leave it. We all run around in the same few small circles sometimes.

(Speaking of NJ, C. is heading that way again today. )

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