S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

41 Hours

The power finally came back on, but I don't know for how much longer it'll be. Most of my local friends had power for most or all of yesterday, but it didn't roll in our direction until just now. The power outage might have been somewhat more tolerable if only the carpeting job had been finished in time. Instead, our rooms are still all crowded with bedroom belongings, and we have to avoid stepping on the carpet rails when going up and down the stairs to the deck.

I was at home working at the time the southeast of Canada and the northeast of the US lost most of its power. C. was at the airport, checking in for a flight. He eventually made it home by buses, and didn't have to go to NJ after all. At the time, neither the airport he was flying from or to had power. My parents didn't know what was happening for several hours, until they arrived at a friend's house and found the neighborhood dark. Still, they had electricity back by that same evening, as did my grandmother. (Perversely, a friend of mine in Buffalo had power throughout this whole event. Never lost it in the first place. On Friday night, I kept calling her for news updates, since she was watching satellite t.v.)

It was very hot and sticky yesterday. For a few hours, C. was so overheated he just took a cold bath and tried to sleep for several hours. Between this and barbecuing dinner, we used up the time we could have spent going over to take advantage of all the friends who offered to host us that night for games or movies, depending on whether or not they had power.

Food has worked out so far. I had cold cuts and cheese for dinner on the first night. Last night, we barbecued all the meat in the freezer. We hadn't opened it, so it had simply defrosted at a normal rate and was still cool for cooking. Now it's raining, lightning playing across the sky, so no longer barbecue weather. Still, many of the commercial zones have power - they've been given priority - and various supermarkets have their own generators, although none of those are near us.

There have been good things about this. I've spoken more to my neighbors in the past 2 days than I have in the past 3 years. I've found that my Portuguese-only speaking neighbors can understand Italian tolerably well. Our water heater is gas-powered. And the night before last, I saw the milky way over the city, and shooting stars across it.

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