S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Little things

C. votes for us going on holiday to a country where I cannot speak the language.

The weather's been oppressively hot... especially since the air conditioning is inexplicably not on. It's a good thing rain is forecast for today, breezes and rain can only help cool things off. There's a lovely breeze coming in through the window.

Cranky Professor writes on talented Italian drivers and groups of schoolkids meeting the pope. Speaking of the pope, he'll be in town next month. At this rate, we may be in town then too. But the crowds will be immense.

Cory Doctorow comments on a counter-resolution the Canadian House of Commons passed asserting Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the telephone... contradicting the opinion recently passed by the US Congress asserting it was Antonio Meucci, an Italian American (about time, quoth the Italians).

Meanwhile, Dundee is putting up a monument to "the world's best known bad poet," William Topaz McGonagall, according to the BBC. I've never heard of him, but that doesn't mean a great deal.

Meanwhile, Lilo and Stitch proved a funny, decent movie. Good, except for the Disney-flaws you'd expect.

Goal: Finishing the last bits of the much overdue MA thesis, of course.

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