S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Wishful Thinking

I would like to tell you about the Dar Wililams concert I went to last week, and the thrill of hundreds of people passionately singing out the name of my home state in a foreign country. I would like to tell you highlights of cleaning, and how spacious, usable, and carpeted the apartment is. I would like to give you updates on Latin, on the struggle and frustration and all the things I'm finally learning which I should have learned a long time ago. I would like to tell you how C.'s parents trip went, preliminary thoughts on my next week's schedule, ideas for my course, and the wonderful cookbook I received today. I would like to tell you about the twinges of admirations and jealously I have for the newly Dr. forthright and hilly02, who is just about done with her M.A. thesis.

But not tonight. Tonight I will go put the just-baked banana bread away and go to sleep.

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