S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Worldcon Day 0/Media Interactions

I stopped by the convention center for half an hour this afternoon to pick up my registration package and look around. While I was there and chatting with a newly-met acquaintance named Jeff, a reporter came by and interviewed both of us for 680 News (a local radio station).

This is the fifth media interaction I've had in this city so far. The first time I was interviewed about how to spell millennium by a newspaper reporter in a mall; the second time it was on the corner of a busy street for Fashion TV about hair washing; the third was when we'd just come out of the first HP movie on opening night, again for a tv station; (then there was the Discovery Channel thing!); and now this.

C. says the only time he's been stopped for his opinion on anything by a member of the media was when we were both sitting together in York one day, so we were both interviewed. (It was about our opinions on businesses staying open on Bank Holidays). Do I just wander around in public places more than he does? Do I attend more Events? Do I look opinionated?

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