May 30th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

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I'm slipping. I'm not keeping to schedule well. I did initial DB design yesterday, so far, so good, but I still need to answer some of the crucial questions. Doing some semi-overdue RAship work filled in the rest of yesterday's hours and much of this morning. This afternoon I'm visiting the uberconference's book room in case it has some of the things of which I have great desire. And tonight we have Riverdance tickets (never seen them under normal circumstances before). So it's all fiddly little things. I can hardly begrudge any bit of it, since it all has need of being done and really, I'm quite proud of the way my people name database came together. But that's not for MY work, it's for that of the professsor I've been assisting this year.

Goals for the rest of today: 1 hour of Db work; bookroom; drop off name db at department; perhaps fit in some reading of that book I keep eyeing.