June 1st, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

Odds and ends

Trying to decide on a db solution is, at least, initially, proving frustrating. At least I have help. On the bright side, I eventually managed to write a conference paper proposal I was happy with and sent it off. Must choose more to apply to.

The day is lovely and a little too warm. We tried an amazing new brunch place, not too far away. Mmmm, rhubarb. I wonder if we have a new downstairs neighbor. A moving van was in front of the house this afternoon.
Fishy Circumstances


Hungry now. Lunch - I mean brunch - really was impressive. Although maybe I was more impressed than C. was. I had an oatmeal pancake with rhubarb sauce and sliced strawberries on top. With some really good bbq-type potatoes and more fruit on the side. And lots of good, fresh orange juice. Must have my fruit fixes. I've been nibbling on strawberries for energy, but they're not very filling.

I do like my new computer. It's stable - hasn't crashed once! And best of all, there's current software available for it. C.'s borrowed a great deal to play EVN. I could play it, but really, DW3 is keeping me busy enough for fiddly little extra moments and do I really need any more distractions than I can already create for myself from work?

We watched the Jubilee concert online - good music, of course (and happy fireworks!) - but still a novelty to see big bandwidth tv-type streaming online for special events and this made twice in one week. The weather report helpfully said that, for the Party in the Park on Monday, weather was likely to be not as good. If we were in the UK just now, we'd have an official four day weekend!

I switched the calendars this morning. The SM helpfully told me (unlike all the other ones) that today is the first day of winter in the Southern Hemisphere. I love it when calendars tell me handy details like that.

I'm not watching the World Cup (never been a sports fan) but I can't help but hear a great deal about it, around and about. In the news headlines (Senegal's upset victory, for example! And Germany's crushing win.), around the various ethnic neighborhoods, and just in ambient streetside overheard conversations.