June 5th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

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There's a conference continuing today on Renaissance things I could be at. It's even in a language I can follow, which is kind of them. But then again, it's not completely relevant and it's so dreary looking outside and if, if, I do get lots of work done today, it'll have been worth staying home. Today's all entering info from the ICA and tweaking the DB as needs require.

The BBC web site is swamped at the moment. Can't read the articles which go with the news headlines.
Fishy Circumstances

Cooking experiment

I don't generally even order enchiladas at Mexican restaurants, but I'm making them tonight with the leftover taco meat from Sunday. They should be just fine - hopefully! - we'll see. I couldn't find a single source easily accessible to tell me how to make enchilada sauce, so I extrapolated from 2 different online recipes.

Speaking of food, I neglected to mention the details of the single most important element of last night's dinner: the tarts. One lime tart; one Mexican chocolate chipotle tart (lovely and chocolatety with a linger after-tingle); and raspberry chocolate truffle tart. Yes, they were really, really good. Yes, I would happily go back. The store is called the Queen of Tarts.

Work today: More hit and miss than many of my recent days. I was easily, if relevantly, sidetracked. I've figured out - in theory - how to sort multiple-entry records into alphabetical order. However, I've also forgotten how to do basic binary sorts since I have to write the alphabetization script myself. I spent half an hour half-hearted poking around to look for an easily accessible explanation and then postponed the project. I know I have one in my C textbook, but that's back home, and this is the first time I've wanted anything at all from it in years and years. So no, I don't need it now. . I added a few more records, cleaned up a few interfaces, fell asleep for an hour. I didn't attend either day of the Renaissance conference and now it's over. Most of the sessions were in Italian since it's the first of a 3-part conference, continued next week in Naples and Salerno.

On Friday, Jen might be taking me shopping for cheap, but decent, deck furniture.

Correction from yesterday: I typo'd. The person in my year is getting married next Tuesday, not next year. There's a very big difference! They decided about 3 weeks ago - partially hurried for visa reasons, but at least it's been generally intended for quite a while.

Also - yes, C, I can stop being QUITE so cryptic here. I still want to do it for the human beings, but absolutely, I'm happy to spread word about wonderful restaurants, tart shops, and the games I've been playing.