June 16th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

In-line skates

After months of dilemma-ing, I finally have my very own pair of in-line skates. I can now accompany C. on his trips out to the Beaches. I know I'll be awkward and flaily on them for quite a while, but at least I stocked up on protective gear as well, so hopefully I won't come out of this experience too scraped up.

It's been a pretty good and busy weekend. We stayed late at Lindsays's party on Friday, late enough that it's thrown everyone's sleep schedule off for the weekend. We did brunch both days - Saturday at a place new to us. Good fun, vaguely inadquate service. Today we went for the Really Good restaurant which is delicious and we were only able to go because we'd slept in so late. It meant we'd missed the run crowd. And the rush crowd, at Mildred Pierce, is huge. I've decided that brunch is a cheap way of trying out many of the city's really expensive restaurants. Most places seem to do brunch for about the same price, regardless of what range their prices normally fall in. With this revelation in hand, maybe I'll go try out some more of the classier places which serve brunch.

Saturday was largely spent wandering semi-fruitlessly from shop to shop in search of an in-line skate store with stock in my size. My feet are extremely averagely sized, which is why it's particularly frustrating when a large store has at most one or two models in my size. And in one case, none at all. We hadn't found any that were quite perfect, so we came back, rented our very first DVD, and watched it. C. had never seen Mystery Men before. And it's been long enough that I could pretty well enjoy it from scratch, which was fun. We even made popcorn to have while watching. And since C. requested it, we made sweet as well as salty popcorn. Turns out sweet popcorn is made with icing sugar. Useful bit of knowledge to have.

Today, we braved the mall crowds and, amazingly, found a pair of in-line skates which fit completely right. Or so I think, never actually having done any more skating than up and down the front walk back at our old place. And C. bought socks. Now, we're onto a new Adventure In Cooking, trying our first Chicken and Rice casserole. Yes, I know, not too difficult. It's baking now and I'll know soon. It was an easy way to make one chicken breast feed 3 people, and do so in a squishy, not very chewing-intensive kind of way, since Jenene needs food like that. If there's time, we'll watch her Moulin Rouge afterwards, but it's long.

Work? Me? On a weekend? Despite my vow of guilt on Friday, I admit that I've done none. But I am most of the way done with the fluffly book I'm reading (The Serpent's Shadow) and I h ave skates. It's something at least.