June 18th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances


I spent about half an hour on the in-line skates tonight, and only didn't fall over because C. kept catching me. I made it about halfway down the sidewalk towards the end under my own power. Tomorrow I'm supposed to start learning how to brake. My feet are achy now.

I set my goal low enough, that I actually managed to surpass it, and did 7 pages instead of 5. I'll be at home tomorrow, so hopefully I'll make up for last week's failures and really get lots done!
Fishy Circumstances


Goal: Edit 10 pages and translate at least 40 lines of latin for tomorrow.

It's lovely and sunny today, which is a happy thing, and I know I'll get out of the house at least once today since I have to return the DVD. I always do better with a change of scenery happening at least once in my day.

Wow... South Korea beat Italy. How unexpected and amazing. My sister'll be crushed! This is the first World Cup I've really followed, but what an interesting one it's been as one to start with!
Fishy Circumstances

Pretty maps

This is the first time I can say that a search engine has produced a really pretty looking search result. I just saw ReadJacobs.com's note on Kartoo, a search engine which maps linkages between sites as a way of visualizing the major sources for the information. The force behind its making was inspired.
Fishy Circumstances


My eyes are still acclimating to being back inside. I've been working on Latin outside this afternoon and, while the brightness made it occassionally difficult to concentrate, it was a very pleasant shade of scenery, and worked largely because we have the umbrella to shade the table. So far today: 8 pages of editing and 20 lines of Latin done, plus another 30 just starting to be sketched out. To my embarassment, I forget if I'm meant to be aiming for 50 or 100 lines. Definitely not more than that. But all in all, not too shabby a day academically, even if I haven't quite met my goals.

But I keep thinking of more errands to run, which is a problem: practice skating/falling down; go to grocery store; go over to Lindsay's to help her with computer mouse woes; do some mush write-up things.
Fishy Circumstances

Online communities

Elizabeth Spiers has a nicely written commentary on weblogs as a successful form of community, an indirect product of the NY blogging meetup this past weekend. She touches on a few general truisms of internet communities ("I guess it means the blogosphere is maturing when people that do it start getting cynical about it.") and at least one of my major low-level thoughts about the blogs I've been reading lately. ("Two of the biggest complaints I hear about the blogging community are the incestuous cross-linking (guilty) and incessant navel-gazing (guilty.) ") But now is not, perhaps, the time to get into the more extended version of my thought on the first half of that subject. Later, maybe. When I'm not pretending to still be working.