June 19th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances

Beautiful weather

The weather is just about perfect today: warm, but not too hot, blue skies, fluffy clouds, mild wind. I spent the morning working on Latin: a bit more work on my own, and then going in to campus to meet up to read through what we'd worked on. Cat made it through much more than I did, but that's the way it should be: she's passed the PhD latin exam and I have a long way to go before I will. I'm now feeling nicely virtuous for having worked on lating again.

If I'm capable of concentrating today, I may be able to finish off editing the paper. I won't be really, truly, properly finished, but the spelling and grammar errors should be gone, and most of the too-short sentences fleshed out into greater coherence. But I won't be really, truly, properly finished until I work back through all the odd sentences (perhaps 8 of them) wherein I couldn't quite work out what I'd been thinking when I wrote them, but which obviously are trying to make some sort of interesting point. These are the sort of sentences I might need to sit down and reread some other material to decipher. So, at last, there's a real chance I'll be able to call the whole thing done by tomorrow!
Fishy Circumstances

Nearly there!

I think I've done a pretty good job editing 10 pages today. I've only about 3 left, plus the bibliography, and 8 or 10 problem sentences I abandoned to come back to. In other words, I stand a very real chance of polishing this off tomorrow. Hurray! Then I can return to what I'm actually meant to be working on, instead of this vastly-overdue-in-an-unimportant-way bit of work.

I'm still reassured by how much I've learned on the subject since writing my MA thesis a year and a half ago or so. In a way, I'm rather glad I postponed editing it until I had a real amount of distance from the project, until I could forget what some of the little details meant and approach it all with a fresh mind. I've rediscovered interesting little tidbits (Daedalus inventing the table and stool), and diligently tried to refrain from augmenting it with newer sources. After all, I'm only supposed to be making it look presentable for filing away in the department.

I also finally remembered to send my Vagantes paper to someone who'd asked for it. I'm so disorganized most of the time - it's been a month and I haven't responded to the lovely woman in my mother's class who promptly after reunion sent me her chapter and I STILL haven't responded. Bad me. And then there was the information on the orientation of churches I never pursued, and that's from something like 5 months ago now. Getting to know people with academic interests bordering on my own is wasted if I don't follow through on it!
Fishy Circumstances

In search of food, football, and other information

It's nearly 1- in the evening and dinner is still in the works... largely because of my bout with inline skating earlier this evening. I've definitely improved: I can go forward fairly well now and my braking is improving. I'm still not great or too quick about it, but as long as I have a large, vaguely level surface and little competition, I can do okay on the skates now. Hurray!

I've been weblog browsing while waiting for dinner to finish (soon!). The fruits of my labor...

Dinner is proving uncooperative - I've a small burn to show for my labors. Only another 15 minutes to go...