June 20th, 2002

Fishy Circumstances


The forecast for the day is hot and smoggy, and so I'm extra-glad that I wasn't planning on going anywhere today. If, despite the forecast, it's still nice out, I can always spend some time on the deck at least, and have been outside.

A brief browse of the headlines had a few highlights:the Eden Project is having problems with seagulls (want to go visit it!), Bombay Dreams is thus far a success (and if we decide when we're going on holiday now, maybe we can even get tickets? Maybe?), England is (of course) being very excitable about the Brazil match tomorrow, and, of course, in residual news, Italy is still sore over their loss to South Korea. I'm sure I'll be hearing lots more on that last subject.

Meanwhile, I'm back down to only having half of my family on the continent.

Goals for today are the same as they were at the end of yesterday - attempt to finish reworking paper!
Fishy Circumstances

So far so good

Technically, I'm done with the core parts of editing the text on last year's thesis. But... I haven't done the bibliography, I need a stronger concluding paragraph, and I left at least 8 scraplets in my wake which still require attention. And I'm going through a distractable moment currently. (Thoughts of Kiki but not enough bright shiny colors to keep me busy.) Maybe what I need is a break for lunch.

I also keep thinking about just how interesting Robert Kilwardby is, and how I don't know nearly enough about him. De Ortu Scientiarum has been such a good text to work with for my current projects, but I've only been needing to use something like 4 chapters of it. Unlike so many medieval authors, he provides chapter references for some of his materials... he cites all the chapters in Isidore which deal with the mechanical arts!
Fishy Circumstances

Italians vs. Fifa

I knew this wasn't over yet! In italiano I ran across a petition to FIFA to try to reform the organization to encourage fairness to Italians. Amusingly, the tagline to the petition's title is "the first Italian protest, online since 15 minutes after the offense." Lots of exclamation marks drive home the point, concluding with "Tutta italia deve essere unita contro questo SCHIFOSO FURTO."

I idly wonder if any other countries could be bothered petitioning against the end of their 2002 World Cup dreams.
Fishy Circumstances

Not the radio stations!

It looks as if most US-based radio stations are going to be in deep trouble from the news on Slashdot... and may not survive this turn of events. I want Radio Paradise to survive! Information also available from
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It looks as if most US-based radio stations are going to be in deep trouble from the news on Slashdot... and may not survive this <a href="http://slashdot.org/articles/02/06/20/2143244.shtml?tid=141">turn of events</a>. I want <a href="http://www.radioparadise.com">Radio Paradise</a> to survive! Information also available from <a href=""http://www.saveinternetradio.org/"">SaveInternetRadio</a>.